We are no longer accepting abstract submissions for REI Week 2020.

Abstract Guidelines

After logging into the abstract submission application and selecting the option to add an abstract, the following sections need to be completed:

Category: One category must be selected from the following: Basic and Transnational Research, Clinical Research, Community-Based Research, Education, Training and Program Development, Quality and Performance Improvement

Division: Select one of the options from the dropdown.

Theme: Select one of the options from the dropdown.

Additional Focus Areas: This section allows you to select Community Health, Global Health, or Nursing for related activities and events during REI Week. Please note that your abstract will not be judged on any of your selections in this section.

Project Support: List any department or grant within the hospital or research institute that supported your project.

Abstract Details: Enter the title and body of the abstract. The body includes the background, objective, methods/design, and results/discussion. All sections must be completed in order for you to submit. The body of the abstract must be 300 words or less.


Our team cannot accept any abstracts or abstract changes after 12:00pm on Monday, January 13, 2020. The process for our team to review, organize, and publish the abstracts takes several weeks and each change after the application closes requires a manual change in all of the REI Week materials. For this reason, we cannot make any exceptions.

Our team will only accept changes before January 13, 2020. If you would like to make a change before then, please contact researchweek@childrensnational.org

We hope to send out communication by the end of January or early February. 

The poster guidelines will be posted as soon as the hospital’s branding changes have been finalized.