Research & Education Week 2019 Winners

2019 Elda Arce Teaching Scholar Award:

Barbara Jantausch, MD

2019 Elda Arce Teaching Scholar Award:

Lowell Frank, MD

Suzanne Feetham, PhD, FAAN Nursing research Support Award

Dr. Vicki Freedenberg

Suzanne Feetham, PhD, FAAN Nursing research Support Award

Dr. Renne' Roberts Turner

Category: Basic and Translational Science

Poster Title: Differences in the gut microbiome of HIV-infected versus HIV-exposed, uninfected infants

Faculty: Wei Li A Koay, MBBS, MSc

Poster Title: Composite de novo Armenian human genome assembly and haplotyping via optical mapping and ultra-long read sequencing

Faculty: Hayk Barseghyan, PhD

Poster Title: Brain Slicer: 3D-Printed Tissue Processing Tool for Pediatric Neuroscience Research

Staff: Damon K McCullough, BS

Poster Title: Integrated deep-learning method for genetic syndrome screening using facial photographs

Staff: Antonio R Porras, PhD

Poster Title: A novel, sprayable and bio-absorbable sealant for wound dressings

Post docs/Fellows/Residents: Lung Lau, MD

Poster Title: HECTD1 is Required for Growth of the Myocardium Secondary to Placental Insufficiency

Post docs/Fellows/Residents: Kelsey F Sugrue, PhD

Poster Title:Comprehensive mutation profiling of pediatric diffuse midline gliomas using liquid biopsy

Graduate Students: Erin R Bonner, BA

Poster Title: Parental Somato-gondal Mosaic Genetic Varients are a Source of Recurrence Risk for De Novo Disorders and Parental Health Concerns: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Meta-analysis

High School/Undergraduate Students: Ali Sarhan

Community-Based Research

Poster Title: Recent Trends in the Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmiaaion (PMTCT) of HIV in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area

Faculty: Wei Li A Koay, MBBS, MSc

Poster Title: STI Screening in an Urban ED Based on Chief Complaint

Staff: Gia M Badolato, MPH

Poster Title: Pediatric Urinary Tract Infection Resistance Patterns in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

Post docs/Fellows/Residents: Christina P Ho, MD

Poster Title: Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Receipt of Sexual health Services Among Adolescent Females

Graduate Students: Noushine Sadeghi, BS

Category: Clinical Research

Poster Title: Ex Vivo Expanded Multi-Tumor Antigen Specific T cells For the Treatment of Solid Tumors

Faculty: Amy Hont, MD

Poster Title: EBV/LMP-specific T cells maintain remissions of T and B cell EBV Lymphomas after Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation

Faculty: Lauren McLaughlin, MD

Poster Title: Timing of Allergenic Food Introduction among African American and Caucasian Children with Food Allergy in the FORWARD study

Staff: Iman A Abdikarim, BS

Poster Title: Quantifying Hematopoietic Stem Cells Towards In-Utero Gene Therapy for Treatment of Sickle cell Disease in Fetal Cord Blood

Staff: Gelina M Sani, BS

Poster Title: To Trach or Not Trach: Exploration of Parental Conflict, Regret and Impacts on Quality of Life in Tracheostomy Decision Making

Post-docs/Fellows/Residents: Amy H Jones, MD

Poster Title: Telemedicine Support of Cardiac Care in Northern Uganda: leveraging Hand-held Echocardiography and Task-shifting

Graduate Students: Alyssa Dewyer, BS

Poster Title: Cortical Thickness Asymmetries in MRI-Abnormal Pediatric Epilepsy Patients: A Potential Metric for Surgery Outcome

Graduate Students: Natalie Pudalov, BA

Poster Title: Time to Rhythm Detection during Pediatric cardiac Arrest in a Pediatric Emergency Department

High School/Undergraduate Students: Kia Yoshinaga

Education, Training, and Program Development

Poster Title: Using a Community Bus Trip to Increase Knowledge of Health Disparities

Faculty: Cara Lichtenstein, MD

Poster Title: TEACHing Residents to Address Child Poverty: An innovative Multimodal Curriculum

Staff: Iana Y. Clarence, MPH

Poster Title: Inpatient Consultation in Pediatrics: A learning Tool to Improve Communication

Post-docs/Fellows/Residents: Johanna Kaufman, MD

Poster Title: Analysis of Unanticipated Problems in CNMC Human Subjects Research Studies and Implications for process Improvement

High School/Undergraduate Students: Brett E Pearson

Quality and Performance Improvement

Poster Title: Implementing a Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Curriculum in a Congenital Heart Disease Program

Faculty: Vicki Freedenberg, PhD, RN

Poster Title: Assessing the Sustainability of Point-of-Care HIV Screening of Adolescents in Pediatric Emergency Departments

Staff: Caleb Griffith, MPH

Poster Title: Implementation of the Accelerated Care of Torsion (ACT) pathway: a quality improvement initiative for testicular torsion

Post-docs/Fellows/Residents: Rebecca S Zee, MD, PhD

Poster Title: latency Period in image-guided Needle Bone Biopsy in Children: A single center experience

Graduate Students: Alysia Wiener, BS

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