Research & Education Week 2015 Winners

Category: Basic and Translational Science

Poster Title: Developing T Cell Based Immunotherapies for Mucormycosis Post HSC

Faculty: Conrad Russell Cruz, MD PhD

Poster Title: Childhood Healthy Behaviors Intervention in a Pediatric Primary Care Setting: Impact on Provider Practice

Staff: Nadine L Camp, DNP, APRN, CPNP

Poster Title: Inflammation-induced miRNAs control dystrophin expression both in BMD and in exon skipping-treated DMD

Medical Fellows & Post-Docs: Alyson A. Fiorillo

Poster Title: HPV-Specific T Cells can be expanded from Seronegative Donors as an Immunotherapeutic Approach for the Treatment of Patients with HPV-Associated Malignancies

Trainees: Sarah E McCormack, BA

Poster Title: Myogenic cell fate disrupted by mutations in nuclear envelope components

Student: Medical or Graduate: Jelena Perovanovic, MS

Poster Title: Tissue Specific Deletion of Clock in Pyramidal Neurons Decreases Latency to Tonic-Clonic Seizures

Student: Undergraduate: Julian Curiel, BS

Category: Community-Based Research

Poster Title: Cost And Health Care Utilization For Adolescent And Young Adult Patients With Special Health Care Needs One Year Before And One Year After Enrollment Into A Randomized Health Care Transition Care Coordination Trial

Faculty: Lisa Tuchman, MD

Poster Title: Fit Family Jr: A Nutrition and Wellness Program in a Low-Income Urban Setting: Tracking the Impact of a Family-based Fitness and Wellness Program on BMI of African-American Pre-school Children

Staff: Susan G Caleb, MPH

Poster Title: Medical diagnostic factors predicting legal needs for pediatric patients referred to medical legal partnership: Are medically complex patients also legally complex?

Medical Fellows & Post-Docs: Abby L Nerlinger, MD

Poster Title: Unvaccinated Children: Demographic Characteristics and Associated Child-Rearing Practices

Trainees: Residents: Cicely Fadel, MD/PhD

Poster Title: The Impact of Variable Middle School Start Times on Sleep Duration

Student: Medical or Graduate: Jessica Hoehn, MA

Category: Quality and Performance Improvement

Poster Title: Pediatric Medication Safety in Adult Community Hospital Settings: A look into nationwide practice

Faculty: Francisco Alvarez, MD

Poster Title: Changing Our Paradigm: Web-Based Data Collection Tool Utilized To Increase Monthly Audits And Supply Real-Time Feedback Decreases Hospital Acquired Conditions

Staff: Annierose D Abogadie, BSN, RN, CCRN, RN-BC

Poster Title: Quality Improvement: Postsurgical Hand-off between the Operating Room and Intensive Care Unit

Medical Fellows & Post-Docs: Anthony Sochet, MD

Poster Title: State challenges to child health quality measure reporting and recommendations for improvement

Trainees: Residents: Ankoor Y Shah, MD

Category: Clinical Research

Poster Title: Telecardiology Partnership Between Washington, DC and Marrakech, Morocco: Supporting a Growing Pediatric Cardiovascular Service in the Developing World

Faculty: Craig Sable, MD

Poster Title: Administration Of Lmp-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes To Patients With Relapsed Ebv-Positive Lymphoma Post Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant

Staff: Renuka Miller

Poster Title: Screening for Early Rheumatic Heart Disease: Accuracy of non-physicians using handheld echocardiography

Medical Fellows & Post-Docs: Michelle S Ploutz, MD

Poster Title: Type 2 diabetes associated beta-adrenergic receptor polymorphisms are independently associated with BMI and physical activity in college-age populations Topic: Diabetes

Student: Medical or Graduate: Zachary Kendrick, BS

Category: Education, Training, and Program Development

Poster Title: Care of the Child with Medical Complexity: A Multimedia, Web-Based Curriculum for Pediatric Residents Across the Nation

Faculty: Neha H Shah, MD, MPH

Poster Title: Early Integration of Palliative Care for Children and Adolescents Undergoing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) of a Family-based Fitness and Wellness Program on BMI of African-American Pre-school Children

Staff: Deborah Lafond, DNP

Poster Title: Trainee Identification of Clinical Questions on Patient Family-Centered Rounds

Medical Fellows & Post-Docs: Lisa Herrmann, MD

Poster Title: Randomized Controlled Trial Of A Blended Learning Curriculum Using Virtual Coaching To Enhance 3rd Year Medical Students' Clinical Reasoning During Oral Case Presentations Topic: Medical Education

Trainees: Residents: Nicole Akar-Ghibril, MD and Cristina Tuluca, MD (co- First Authors)

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