Research & Education Week 2012 Winners

Category: Clinical Research

Poster Title: Increased Reticulocytosis In Early Infancy Predicts Future Sickle Cell Disease Severity

Faculty: Emily R. Meier

Poster Title: Pharmacy Factors, Adherence To Antiretroviral Therapy And Outcome In Hiv-Infected Children And Adolescents

Staff: Jaclyn Hern

Poster Title: The Use Of Near Infrared Spectroscopy During A Pre-Extubation Pressure Support Breathing Trial As A Predictor Of Extubation Outcome.

Medical & Surgical Fellows: Cortney B. Foster, Do

Poster Title: Hippocampal Connectivity In Typically Developing Children And Children With Focal Epilepsy

Post Docs: Leigh N. Sepeta

Poster Title: Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (Bpd) And Neurodevelopmental Outcomes (Ndo) At 18 Months In Very Low Birth Weight (Vlbw) Infants

Trainees: Residents: Soraya Diblassio

Poster Title: Preparing A Mhealth Adherence Intervention For Urban Hiv+ Youth: Assessing Acceptability And Feasibility Prior To Study Implementation

Students: Graduate: Rashi Kapoor

Poster Title: The Influence Of Testing Environment On Performance In Baseline Concussion Testing Of Children

Students: Undergraduate: Elyssa Gerst

Poster Title: Is There A Relationship Between Head Size And Autism Severity In Patients With Neurofibromatosis Type 1 And Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Students: High School: Rebecca Hughes From Walt Whitman High School In Bethesda, MD

Poster Title: Bone Mineral Density And Vitamin D Status Among African American Children With Forearm Fractures

Honorable Mention: Leticia M. Ryan

Category: Education, Training & Program Development

Poster Title: A Structured Simulation-Based Training Program For Improving Interdisciplinary Communication, Escalation Of Care, And Team Management Of Deteriorating Patients In The Acute Care Unit

Faculty: Angela Wratney

Poster Title: The Road To Home - A Family Centered Education And Discharge Program For Families Of Children With Newly Diagnosed Cancer

Staff: Marsha G. Smith

Poster Title: Comparison Of 3d Stereoscope Vs. Standard 2d Laparoscope For Performance Of Two Standard Laparoscopic Tasks By Urology Residents

Medical & Surgical Fellows: Katherine P. Davenport

Poster Title: Expansion Of The Pediatric Residency Advocacy Curriculum At Children's National Medical Center

Trainee: Resident: Julia A. Lamb

Category: Quality & Performance Improvement

Poster Title: Reduction Of Cranial Computed Tomography For Pediatric Blunt Head Trauma Through Implementation Of Computerized Provider Order Entry Order Sets

Faculty: Shireen M. Atabaki

Poster Title: Compassion Fatigue And Secondary Traumatic Stress In The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (Picu)

Staff: Eileen Sytnyk

Poster Title: Monitoring And Maintaining Safe Central Catheter Access In The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Quality Improvement Project

Medical & Surgical Fellows: Lee White

Poster Title: A Framework For System Parameters Tuning And Its Application In Image Registration

Post-Docs: Ren Hui Gong

Poster Title: Factors Associated With Patient Exposure And Prevention Of Hypothermia During Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation

Trainees: Residents: Deirdre C. Kelleher

Category: Community Based Research

Poster Title: Food Allergy Attitudes And Beliefs Among School Nurses In An Urban Public School District

Faculty: Hemant P. Sharma

Poster Title: Factors Affecting Acceptance Of The Routine Hiv Screening Of Adolescents In Pediatric Emergency Departments

Staff: Nicole Messenger, MPH

Poster Title: Pediatric Forearm Fractures: Factors Associated With Orthopedic Follow-Up After Discharge From The Emergency Department

Medical & Surgical Fellows: Nazreen Jamal

Poster Title: East Of The River Lactation Support Center: Improving African American Breastfeeding Rates Through Prenatal Education

Post Docs: Linda Herbert

Poster Title: BProblematic Child Behavior And Critical Parenting In Preadolescents With T1d: The Mediating Role Of Parenting Stress

Trainees (Other): Rachel Sweenie

Category: Basic & Translation Research

Poster Title: Optimal Surgical Strategy For White Matter Protection To Reduce Neurological Injury In Congenital Heart Disease Patients

Faculty: Nobuyuki Ishibashi

Poster Title: Reversible Phenotypic Adaptation: A Mechanism For Neuroblastoma Cell Heterogeneity And Chemo-Resistance

Staff: Lina Chakrabarti

Poster Title: Evaluation Of Force, Torque, And Range Of Motion Exhibited During Abdominal Ultrasound Exam Of Human Subjects

Medical & Surgical Fellows: Katherine P. Davenport Nazreen Jamal

Poster Title: Dissociation Of Glucocorticoid Side Effects And Efficacy At The Molecular Level Towards A Therapy For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Post Docs: Christopher R. Heier

Poster Title: Reactive Oxygen Species Induction By Non Thermal Plasma Treatment: A Mechanism For Tumor Ablation

Trainees: Residents: Jason A. Snyder

Poster Title:Vps53 Polymorphism Destroys Mir-206 Binding And Is Associated With Bone And Muscle Phenotypes In Young Males And Females

Students: Medical: Todd Spock

Poster Title: Morphological Abnormalities And Inhibitory Synaptic Deficits Of Hyperexcitable Circuits In Pediatric Cortical Malformation

Students: Graduate: Brandon S. Martin

Poster Title: The Importance Of Osteopontin In Baseline Bone Volume In Males

Students: Undergraduate: Courtney Sprouse

Poster Title: Leukocyte Telomere Length As A Prognostic Factor For The Clinical Severity Of Sickle Cell Disease

Students: High School: Shriram K. Sundararaman & Nishant Garg From Thomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology

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